Microarrays & Multiplexing

Luminex will pay Enzo Biochem $7.1 million to settle a lawsuit alleging infringement of patents for oligonucleotides and solid supports for fixed nucleic acids.

The statement touches on issues such as the reporting of secondary findings, adult-onset conditions, incest, and non-paternity results.

ImmunArray is launching the SLE-Key Rule Out test to exclude a diagnosis of lupus, a test run on its multiple-antigen microarray-based technology.

Using genome sequencing data on 30 Brazilians and genotyping information on almost 6,500 more, the Brazilian EPIGEN Project Consortium considered ancestry and admixture patterns in three parts of Brazil.

The microarray facilitates drug screening in cancer stem cells and other rare cell populations.

Methods and compositions for extraction and storage of nucleic acids
Formulations for nucleic acid stabilization on solid substrates
Assay device and method for performing biological assays
Methods and apparatus for detecting molecular interactions using FET arrays
Method for analysis using nucleic acid microarray
Single molecular nucleic acid sequence analysis processes and compositions