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Microarrays & Multiplexing

The firms will collaborate on creating and co-marketing array technologies for research and clinical diagnostics.

A genome-wide association study involving nearly 6,000 individuals identified variants linked to nose-related features and chin protrusion in Latin Americans.

Thermo Fisher Scientific subsidiary Life Technologies will pay Enzo $35 million for infringing on two patents pertaining to labeled nucleotides and nucleic acids.

The company said it will use the capital to accelerate the growth of its life science instrumentation product line.

Data from 43 genome-wide association studies have led researchers to individual variants and genetic factors that influence multiple phenotypes and conditions.

Methods for synthesis of an oligopeptide microarray
Multiplex amplification reaction method for determination of Campylobacter jejuni Penner/capsule type
Multiplexed microfluidic approach for nucleic acid enrichment
Methods of macromolecular analysis using nanochannel arrays
Luminophore-labeled molecules coupled with particles for microarray-based assays
Multifunctional encoded particles for high-throughput analysis

In Genome Research this week: transcriptomic analysis of the Venus flytrap, SMASH approach for CNV analysis, and more.

A Caltech professor wins the Millennium Technology Prize that lauds technological advances that improve human life.

San Diego's biotech scene has a dearth of executives who are women, Stat News reports.

Some 90 percent of respondents to a Nature survey say there is a research reproducibility crisis.