Microarrays & Multiplexing

The firms will sell and market their liver function assays for drug development as a combined service, though they will perform the assays separately.

Meanwhile, the company is moving ahead with a clinical trial to support the assay's approval in the US.

The revenue increase is driven by the placement of 22 XT-8 analyzers in the US during the period.

Flagship Bio is using ACD's RNAscope and customizing and optimizing the technology for use in CLIA clinical trials with "several large pharmaceutical clients."

Researchers used an approach called tensor generalized singular value decomposition to find prognostic copy number changes in TCGA data for ovarian cancer patients.

Oligonucleotide array for tissue typing
Passive chip-based droplet sorting
Solid support assay systems and methods utilizing non-standard bases
Detection of immobilized nucleic acid
Automated sample-to-microarray apparatus and method
DNA microarray having hairpin probes tethered to nanostructured metal surface

In PLOS this week: GWAS links gene to noise-induced hearing loss in mice, population genetics of malaria parasites, and more.

Nautilus' Alexandra Ossola examines how Tay-Sachs disease jump-started the genetic disease testing field.

FASEB says guidelines proposed by the NIH to bolster research reproducibility are premature and don't take the full range of scientific studies into consideration.

Liquid biopsies and DNA tests may be able to tell physicians whether a cancer patient is relapsing, the New York Times reports.