Microarrays & Multiplexing

Researchers delved into the roots of psoriasis using genome-wide association study data for almost 35,000 European or Chinese individuals with or without the condition.

The method uses a type of flow fractionation, ribosomal RNA-based species identification, and mRNA signatures of antibiotic exposure.

The partners will work together to develop serological assays measuring antibodies to determine patient immunity to diseases for which vaccines exist.

The company says the kit can prep targets for transcriptome analysis from as little as 100 picograms of total RNA input.

Using chromosomal microarrays, a Columbia University Medical Center-led team identified large genomic imbalances in pediatric chronic kidney disease, linking them to other disorders.

Multiplex branched-chain DNA assays
Compositions comprising oriented, immobilized macromolecules and methods for their preparation
Multiplex targeted amplification using flap nuclease
Oligonucleotide array for tissue typing
Passive chip-based droplet sorting
Solid support assay systems and methods utilizing non-standard bases