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methylation analysis

While the firms' platforms are different, each company believes its can offer customers a more comprehensive approach to methylation analysis than has existed in the past.

The collaboration, which will use Life Technologies' SOLiD System and MethylMiner methylated DNA enrichment kit, will study how gene regulation and epigenetic markers may be involved in the development of schizophrenia.

Researchers from Pacific Biosciences reported yesterday that they have come up with a method for directly detecting methylation based on enzyme kinetics during single molecule, real-time sequencing.

A University of California at Berkeley research team has used bisulfite and RNA sequencing to assess and compare methylation patterns in more than a dozen plant and animal genomes.

Scientists at Wash U's genome center completed the sequencing of the first sample, an infant childhood leukemia, this week.

The researchers demonstrated their technique using only 30 nanograms of DNA from human formalin-fixed tissue samples from a patient with colon cancer. Other DNA methylation analysis methods require several micrograms of DNA, which is "infeasible for many clinical samples," they said.

Researchers have identified epigenetic patterns that influence both energy use efficiency and seed yield in the canola plant Brassica napus.

BioArray Briefs: 2009.02.17


SQI Diagnostics, Olink Bioscience, Innova Biosciences, Copenhagen University, Fujirebio Diagnostics, Uppsala University, Integromics, Gene Logic, Ocimum Biosolutions

Gene Logic will use the system with Illumina's Infinium HD assays, whole-genome expression, and methylation technologies.


CBS This Morning highlights recent Medicare fraud involving offers of genetic testing.

Researchers find that many cancer drugs in development don't work quite how their developers thought they did, as Discover's D-brief blog reports.

Mariya Gabriel, a Bulgarian politician, is to be the next European Union research commissioner, according to Science.

In Science this week: a survey indicates that US adults are more likely to support the agricultural use of gene drives if they target non-native species and if they are limited, and more.