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Researchers have developed a new pipeline to uncover novel transmission patterns in mother-infant microbiomes and marine metagenomes.

The researchers hope that unbiased sequencing will improve their ability to identify infections caused by knee and hip replacements.

Researchers performed metagenomic sequencing on sea samples from two ocean voyages to uncover double-stranded DNA virus communities at sites around the world.

Using new and existing data, researchers documented mobile antibiotic resistance gene exchange between bacteria found within human and livestock animal guts.

The company said it will use the funds to further develop its DNA search technologies based on the Taxonomer pathogen metagenomics analysis platform.

Unlike existing versions, CLARK-S allows mismatches between sample reads and reference databases, enabling it to map a larger proportion of input sequences.

A Joint Genome Institute team of researchers uncovered evidence of some 125,000 viruses from within 5 terabases of metagenomic data.

Era7 has secured an investment from Spanish venture capital firm CRB Inverbio and has launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise the remaining funds.

The aim of the project, called Metafluidics, is to replace cumbersome conventional approaches with a cheaper, faster, and higher-throughput microfluidics platform.

In a pilot study, investigators identified infection-causing agents by sequencing microbial DNA in patient blood samples.


In Science this week: convergent evolution in bird hemoglobin, and more.

The Wall Street Journal speaks with patients affected by questionable test results from Theranos.

Researchers link variants in TACR3 to hot flashes during menopause, Live Science reports.

Kuwait says it will alter its law requiring citizens and visitors to provide DNA samples, New Scientist reports.