Mass Spec

Protein patterns in patient-derived xenografts sometimes pointed to different alterations than those predicted from somatic mutation and expression data.

The device uses triboelectric nanogenerators to precisely control mass spec ionization, allowing researchers to analyze a higher percentage of generated ions.

The researchers identified a set of potentially antimicrobial peptides in Komodo dragon plasma using a mass spectrometry-based "bioprospecting" technique.

The company said the funds would be used to develop new products based on its proprietary mass spec technology.

The company has licensed the Limited Proteolysis technology developed by ETH Zurich Professor Paola Picotti, which can assess proteome-wide structural changes.

Global proteomic screening of random bead arrays using mass spectrometry imaging
Laser ablation cell
Microdroplet ionisation mass spectrometry
System and method for using additives with isotopic patterns to enhance the specificity of a spectrometer
Mass spectrometric analysis
Glycopeptide analyzer

Dog DNA testing finds that some purebreds might not truly be purebreds, Inside Edition reports.

Mary Beckerle has returned as director of the Huntsman Cancer Institute, according to ScienceInsider.

Smithsonian Magazine reports that environmental DNA sampling can be used to track elusive organisms.

In Genome Research this week: repetitive satellite DNA in the fruit fly, transcriptome map assembly pipeline, and more.