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library prep

Epicentre markets Nextera library preparation kits for the 454 and Illumina platforms and as of last month had plans to offer them for new sequencing platforms. Illumina declined to comment on whether it will continue to offer the kits for the 454 or other platforms besides its own.

New Products: Jan 11, 2011


SoftGenetics' NextGene; NCBI's dbSNP; Life Technologies' Library Builder System, DNA and RNA Library Prep Kits, and LifeScope Genomic Analysis Software

Earlier this month, three early adopters described their use of the method in Genome Biology, including a comparison with standard library prep protocols, sub-nanogram library construction, exome capture from nanograms of DNA, PCR-free libraries, colony PCR libraries, and 96-plex barcoding.

New Products: Dec 14, 2010


Beckman Coulters' SPRIworks Fragment Library System, Complete Genomics' CNV and SV analysis, Ambry Genetics' sequencing services on HiSeq 2000, EdgeBio a CSP for Agilent's SureSelect Target Enrichment System

New Products: Nov 16, 2010


IntergenX's Apollo 324 system

Product Watch: Nov 11, 2010


IntegenX launches Apollo 324 system for automated DNA library prep

Both companies' platforms are alternatives to traditional gel electrophoresis methods used in library preparation for next-gen sequencing.

At a recent conference, two members of the Broad's process development team shared some of the changes that have made sample prep faster, cheaper, and more high-throughput.

New Products: Aug 10, 2010


SureSelect Human All Exon 50Mb Target Enrichment Kit, Sage Science Pippin Prep DNA size selection system

Paired Ends: Feb 23, 2010


Edison Liu, Michael Quail, Vincent Magrini, Patrick Cahill, Christopher Detter, Jan Fang Cheng, John Gill, Karen Beeson, Ray Stata, Raynard Kington


A letter criticizing actions by the US government and research institutions toward Chinese and Chinese-American scientists has garnered more than a hundred signatories.

NPR reports that researchers in New York are investigating whether it is possible to edit the genomes of human sperm.

In an opinion piece at the Nation, Sarah Lawrence College's Laura Hercher argues that everyone should be able to access prenatal genetic testing.

In Nature this week: ancient DNA uncovers presence of Mediterranean migrants at a Himalayan lake, and more.