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BIG offers free use of the warehouse to internal researchers and is reaching out to local companies in the Buffalo area working in genomics and other areas.

The database is intended to provide the research community with a resource of control cases to aid in the evaluation of variants of unknown significance in breast cancer.

The partnership provides oncology sequencing and cognitive analytics, and it offers a framework for employing Watson to explore a broader set of diagnostic opportunities.

Researchers from Pacific Biosciences and elsewhere tested their approach on Arabidopsis thaliana before applying it to wine grape and coral fungus genomes.

The partners are planning a joint research center at Providence Health Care's St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver and a center of excellence in China.

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Integrated health data capture and analysis system
Mammalian cell line models and related methods
Pharmaco-genomic mutation labeling
Cloud computing environment for biological data
Chromatographic system quality control reference materials