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The company has decided to put its direct-to-consumer sequencing campaign on hold after receiving a letter from the FDA.

Frameshift plans to commercialize two applications: one for data quality control and a second for identifying mutations in rare and Mendelian disorders.

During a live webcast, CTO Clive Brown provided an update on the company's development plans and upcoming updates.

A University of Copenhagen-led team found that regions with high levels of human activity harbor lower levels of amphibian genetic diversity.

The NCI Genomic Data Commons was launched this summer to  to centralize, standardize, and make available genomic and molecular data from various research programs.

Mammalian cell line models and related methods
Pharmaco-genomic mutation labeling
Cloud computing environment for biological data
Chromatographic system quality control reference materials
System and method for cleaning noisy genetic data from target individuals using genetic data from genetically related individuals