The MD Anderson researchers aim to combine computational and functional approaches to investigate genomic alterations as novel therapeutic targets.

The project aims to sequence nine different taxa of cultivated potato and one closely-related wild species to facilitate the production of improved varieties of the crop.

Under the terms of the pact, the partners will integrate Translational's pharmacogenetics knowledgebase and interpretation platform with Xifin's laboratory information system.

The company is developing a search application that will allow users to explore genomic datasets without accessing sensitive information.

Transforming Medicine: The Elizabeth Kauffman Institute plans to develop a knowledgebase for evaluating patient information, including genetic and molecular data. 

Genotypic tumor progression classifier and predictor
Method for cross-instrument comparison of gene expression data
Methods and compositions for incorporating nucleotides
Bioinformatics systems, apparatuses, and methods executed on an integrated circuit processing platform
Taxonomic classification system
Minimization of epigenetic surprisal data of epigenetic data within a time series