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Internal benchmarks from the company show that the new technology, to be released next month, predicts variant pathogenicity with 98 percent accuracy.

The company was established earlier this year by the co-founders of reproductive genetics firm Recombine, which was sold to CooperSurgical in May.

BC Platforms will work with the personalized medicine firm to create a large-scale biobank of genetic and phenotypic data samples from Mexican individuals.

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology's ability to test new standards and policies is hindered without $5 million Obama requested for FY2016.

Researchers designed software for the MinIon that enables targeted sequencing without target capture or enrichment.

Cell feature-based automatic circulating tumor cell detection
Mircofluidic cell culture systems
Pharmaco-genomic mutation labeling
Methods of storing information using nucleic acids
Automated fish reader using learning machines
Universal hardware platform and toolset for operating and fabricating microfluidic devices