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They will use evidence derived from patient data captured outside of clinical trials to gain insights on the safety and efficacy of new anti-cancer therapies.

The researchers will use TwoXar's software to predict potential candidates for atherosclerosis drugs and test them in pre-clinical studies.

The deal, which comes about three months after Lifecode's acquisition by MedGenome, marks Vela's first foray into the genomic data interpretation market.

COTA, which also received funding from HealthScape Advisors, said it aims to reduce the amount of money wasted on unnecessary medical treatment.

Its first client, Haystack Bio, will use Genecloud to analyze and store single-cell genomics data for a proprietary platform it is developing for the immunotherapy market.

Data independent acquisition of product ion spectra and reference spectra library matching
Bioinformatics systems, apparatuses, and methods executed on an integrated circuit processing platform
Association of data to a biological sequence
Functional assay for identification of loss-of-function mutations in genes
Variant database
Method and systems for storing sequence read data

In Genome Research this week: transcriptomic analysis of the Venus flytrap, SMASH approach for CNV analysis, and more.

A Caltech professor wins the Millennium Technology Prize that lauds technological advances that improve human life.

San Diego's biotech scene has a dearth of executives who are women, Stat News reports.

Some 90 percent of respondents to a Nature survey say there is a research reproducibility crisis.