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The integrated products will provide a seamless workflow for interpreting next-generation sequence data from alignment through pathway analysis.

Based on the Global Proteome Machine Database, the tool helps with identification of genomic variants that affect protein post-translational modification sites.

The analysis published by Charles Beagrie reports an approximately £20 million return on investment to the scientific community for every £1 million invested.

The grant will support the day-to-day running, maintenance, and care of the supercomputer through the year 2020. 

Both companies have made their products available on Azure, and Curoverse is collaborating with Microsoft on benchmarking tools for analysis pipelines.

Processing data from genotyping chips
Accurate and fast mapping of reads to genome
Methods and systems for storing sequences read data
Biological data networks and methods therefor
Scalable pipeline for local ancestry inference
Trio-based phasing using a dynamic Bayesian network

In Science this week: Neanderthal-derived DNA linked to modern ailments, and more.

Japan needs to catch up on its gene-editing research efforts, the Japan News writes.

Hundreds of people have signed an online petition calling for zero tolerance to sexual harassment in the sciences.

Jeff Huber, former Google X senior vice president, joins Grail as its CEO.

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This webinar will demonstrate how ACMG's recommended variant scoring and classification rules may be applied to standardize reporting on sequencing test results within and across institutions.