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A collaboration between the Broad Institute and Microsoft Research has created machine learning-derived rules to improve on-target efficiency.

The researchers used whole-genome and single-cell sequencing to study cell migration patterns and clonal diversity, using new single-cell genotyping software.

The techniques could help pick apart the roles of specific bacterial strains and their variations without having to rely on culturing them. 

Taxonomer uses nucleotide and protein information to detect and classify pathogens in clinical samples more accurately and faster than methods like Kraken and SURPI

The assembler from University of Queensland and Imperial College London scientists analyzes nanopore data in real time to improve bacterial assemblies from short-read data. 

Data independent acquisition of product ion spectra and reference spectra library matching
Bioinformatics systems, apparatuses, and methods executed on an integrated circuit processing platform
Association of data to a biological sequence
Functional assay for identification of loss-of-function mutations in genes
Variant database
Method and systems for storing sequence read data

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The director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins sang the national anthem this week before a baseball game.

French researchers criticize unexpected government plan to cut research funding, ScienceInsider reports.

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