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The custom software development company will soon test a tool called 5AM Sunrise for managing and aggregating clinical and molecular data.

The FDA, journals, and even payors are encouraging labs to deposit variant data in public databases, but collaboration is needed to resolve interpretation discrepancies.

AstraZeneca'sVarDict was designed to more accurately identify complex tumor mutations in DNA and RNA sequencing data even in samples with low tumor content.

The partners will generate and analyze disease-specific gene expression data to identify likely drug candidates for rare skin diseases.

FedCentric also plans to offer a combined hardware and software solution as well as a cloud-based software option for genomics customers.

Association of data to a biological sequence
Functional assay for identification of loss-of-function mutations in genes
Variant database
Method and systems for storing sequence read data
Secure and scalable mapping of human sequencing reads on hybrid clouds
Processing data from genotyping chips

Craig Venter's Human Longevity is deeply phenotyping individuals and capturing their genetic profiles to explore aging.

The San Francisco Business Times examines Verily's latest hires.

In Nature this week: comprehensive analysis of somatic mutations in breast cancer, and more.

A number of studies indicate that genes might influence political beliefs, Scientific American Mind reports.