The company is developing a search application that will allow users to explore genomic datasets without accessing sensitive information.

Transforming Medicine: The Elizabeth Kauffman Institute plans to develop a knowledgebase for evaluating patient information, including genetic and molecular data. 

The company has signed an agreement for the purchase and sale of 1,200,000 shares of common stock.

NicheVision will distribute Battelle's ExactID to law enforcement, government, and commercial entities.

CiViC provides a communal forum for capturing and sharing written summaries, drawn from published literature, about the clinical relevance of mutations found in cancer.

Genotypic tumor progression classifier and predictor
Method for cross-instrument comparison of gene expression data
Methods and compositions for incorporating nucleotides
Bioinformatics systems, apparatuses, and methods executed on an integrated circuit processing platform
Taxonomic classification system
Minimization of epigenetic surprisal data of epigenetic data within a time series