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genotyping arrays

Atlas Biolabs, a Berlin-based biotechnology firm, is leading the effort, called Epi-Dx, which is largely funded by the German government. 

Using a gene-level heritability analysis approach, investigators came up with a collection of genes that come together to influence the risk for more than a dozen cancer types.

A genome-wide association study in almost 193,000 Europeans led to 61 eye color-related loci, some of which also influence iris pigmentation of Asian individuals.

An international team came up with a 22-point framework for developing, validating, and reporting polygenic risk scores used for predicting traits and conditions.

With genetic data from nearly 18,500 Finnish individuals, investigators retraced fine-scale population patterns in the country over several decades.


Investigators detected more than 100 risk loci for primary open-angle glaucoma, with mostly similar effects in people with European, Asian, or African ancestry.

Starting with a genome-wide association study focused on skin pigmentation, investigators identified genetic variants with additional ties to vitamin D levels.

Genome-wide association studies offer a look at the rare and common contributors to the heart condition, pointing to possible prediction and treatment tools.

By uncovering genetic factors behind blood and urine biomarkers, researchers came up with polygenic scores related to biomarker status and related disease risk.

The African health technology company 54gene is eager for partnerships with researchers and biopharmaceutical companies alike.


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified a small group of breakthrough COVID-19 cases, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The New York Times reports that the US Department of Defense is to use genetic genealogy approaches to identify the remains of unknown soldiers.

Vox and Nature discuss the importance of preparing for the next pandemic.

In Nature this week: comparison of five circulating tumor DNA assays, resequencing analysis of lettuce gives insight into its domestication, and more.