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Recent Research Papers of Note


Included are a large-scale study of the human kinome, and a description of a database combining ETD spectra and protein sequence databases for peptide identification.

A separate deal under which Prometheus agreed to acquire 2 million shares of Rosetta at $4 per share has also been completed.

The system, which serves California's largest public healthcare district, is offering 23andMe's service at several outpatient centers in an effort to advance preventative care.

The university's new labs will conduct an array of 'omics studies of cancer, addiction, infection, and others.

New Releases


Matrix Genomics' DNA home testing kits for Alzheimer's disease, breast cancer, and heart attack risk

Moving Target: CNVs in Disease


More and more research is linking CNVs to disease. It's not only changing the way scientists study disease, but also how clinicians diagnose it.

The university will compare the genomes of dyslexic and non-dyslexic people to study language gene interactions and develop a diagnostic test.

PGx & molecular Dx

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Upcoming events

SeqWright will offer the test, which evaluates a patient's responsiveness to hair-loss treatment finasteride, through its CLIA lab.


US National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins says he will avoid male-only speaker panels.

Two patients fell ill, and one subsequently died, following a fecal microbiome transplant that harbored multi-drug-resistant bacteria, according to the New York Times.

Technology Review reports that eGenesis is testing whether organs from genetically modified pigs can be transplanted into monkeys.

In Science this week: almond reference genome, and more.