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The course sequence is intended to teach basic computational and statistical skills for analyzing and exploring high-throughput sequencing data.

BaseHealth Enterprise is designed to integrate with EHRs and similar systems and is targeted towards larger healthcare practices and providers.

The World Health Organization has started a new effort to seek input from the world scientific community to identify genomics and public health challenges in developing countries.

The UK government has allocated £220 million ($354 million) for capital funding to build the UK Centre for Medical Research and Innovation, while earmarking funds for ELIXIR.

The National Institute on Nursing Research plans to award $2 million for studies into genomic variants for use in identifying and treating chronic disorders.

A program supported by NIGMS and NICHD will give grants to studies that will use molecular or genomic approaches evaluating behavior in animal models.

The ARC-backed research will focus on proteomic and genomic studies of cancer, inflammation, and other diseases.

The six-university partnership offers genomics, bioinformatics, and proteomics services.

The company will use the funds to relocate to the state and to buy new equipment.


University of California, San Diego researchers investigate how skin care products influence the skin microbiome, Scientific American reports.

Three genetic testing companies form a coalition to influence how Congress considers genetic privacy, The Hill reports.

The Wall Street Journal examines billing codes used by uBiome.

In PNAS this week: links between lung adenocarcinoma and lncRNA, algorithm to impute and cluster Hi-C interaction profiles from single cells, and more.