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genome analysis

The partners are working to implement the University of Cologne's QuickNGS software on Bluebee's cloud-based platform

Their combined offering will provide customers with a single solution for managing lab operations and performing sequence analysis and mutation identification.  

WuXi NextCode will analyze genomes from many tumor types as part of San Antonio's large-scale, community-wide cancer sequencing project.

GenomOncology's software will now support interpretation of ArcherDx mutation-detecting sequencing assays and the products will be marketed together.

A collaborative effort involving four UK universities is attempting to provide communal compute, storage, algorithms, and pipelines for analyzing microbial genomes.

The partners will evaluate and optimize the Dragen processor for use in microbial genome analysis for public health and infectious disease applications.

The bioinformatics hub for the Qatar Genome project will partner with WuXi NextCode to develop custom applications for the study population.

PacBio recently shared plans to change from the Hierarchical Data Format to the Binary Alignment/Map format for its read data, a move that seems well received by users.

BioTeam has developed a web portal for the MSSNG repository that offers easy access to genomic, phenotype, and clinical data collected through the project.

The new six-course online specialization will teach core bioinformatics principles and concepts to biologists and computer scientists.


According to Gizmodo, researchers have developed a list of a million nucleic acid-like polymers that could store genetic information.

An opinion piece in the Washington Post argues that golden rice could save the sight and lives of many children.

US National Institutes of Health has issued a new draft data-sharing policy, ScienceInsider reports.

In Cell this week: analysis of immune microenvironment in hepatocellular carcinoma, proteogenomic analysis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma, and more.