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Not Private, Private

The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest's Peter Pitts discusses genetic testing privacy at Forbes.

Marshall Summar

The new institute plans to use structured clinical information to inform targeted testing in order to cut down the time to diagnosis.

The guidance includes recommendations for extended RAS mutation testing to guide anti-EGFR therapy, as well as updated endorsements for analysis of mismatch repair status.

The company, which is working on its own genetic test, provides customers with nutrition and lifestyle recommendations based on their genotyping profiles. 

University of Cambridge researchers found that people who learned their genetic risk of developing diabetes did not have increased motivation to make lifestyle changes.

'Modern Snake Oil'

Some alternative healthcare practitioners are providing remedies based on genetic variants, Britt Marie Hermes writes at Forbes.

No Secret Identity

At the Guardian, Samantha Gillison writes that she took a DNA ancestry test and found she was exactly what she thought she was.

Researchers find that unnecessary genetic tests can cost millions of dollars, according to Stat News.

The firm said that business agreements with IBM, Ancestry, and others will help it stay on track in meeting commitments for the year.

Not Recommended

New Australian guidelines discourage people from seeking genetic testing on their own, the Guardian reports.


In PNAS this week: diatom genetic diversity, microfluidic droplet method for single-cell screening, and more.

Scientific publishers are looking into whether artificial intelligence can help the peer-review process, Wired reports.

Researchers are using gene editing to develop more robust livestock and crops, AFP reports.

Researchers rally near the American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in Boston.