genetic testing

Standard Workup

Researchers say genetic testing should be part of diagnosing cerebral palsy, according to the Toronto Star.

All the Uncertainty

Variants of unknown significance don't give patients the answers they are seeking, the Guardian writes.

Women at risk of breast cancer often seek genetic testing, but results don't always give the answers their physicians and surgeons seek.

What About the Data?

The Irish Data Protection Commissioner says that online genetic testing services don't always describe the privacy implications of using their tests, the Irish Times reports.

Diploid hopes to lighten the workload of clinical geneticists drowning in next-generation sequencing data.

FDNA's Face2Gene suite analyzes phenotypic data, including facial features, from rare disease patients.

Greater Test Adoption

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, insurance companies are behind the increase in genetic testing.

The study was conducted by the European Molecular Genetics Quality Network and its partners, and involved 227 labs for germline testing and 76 for somatic testing.

Researchers find that about a third of genetic tests are ordered when they should not be, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Invitae said that it accessioned more than 26,000 samples for testing during the quarter, a 166 percent increase over Q1 2016. 


Five researchers are to share this year's Albany Medical Center Prize for their work on the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing tool, the AP reports.

Stat News reports on how white supremacists cope with surprising genetic ancestry testing results.

In Genome Research this week: sex-biased gene expression evolution in malaria mosquitos, method to find ancient selective sweeps, and more.

Iceland has nearly eliminated Down syndrome from its population, CBS News reports.