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genetic testing

Color researchers reported that 21.7 percent of individuals with pathogenic variants in well-established genes did not meet guidelines for testing.

Genetic testing reveals cases in which the wrong donor sperm was used to conceive children decades ago, the New York Times reports.

The trials are part of the second phase of the Implementing Genomics in Practice program, which is slated to receive $42 million in funding over 5 years.

Stanford University's Allison Kurian and her colleagues found that women with pathogenic variants were more likely to undergo a bilateral mastectomy.

The Hill reports that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans to implement rapid DNA testing at seven border sites.

The Irish Times reports that a hospital in Ireland has apologized to a woman who was told an incorrect BRCA gene test finding.

The Japan Times reports that Japan's public health insurance system will cover genetic testing for some cancer patients.

Baylor Genetics will be King Faisal Specialist Hospital International's exclusive lab partner for all genetic testing and precision medicine applications.

The company reported double-digit year-over-year growth in the number of billable genetic tests it delivered during the first quarter of 2019.

US officials are to pilot a DNA testing program aimed at catching migrants traveling with children who are not their own, Time reports.


US National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins says he will avoid male-only speaker panels.

Two patients fell ill, and one subsequently died, following a fecal microbiome transplant that harbored multi-drug-resistant bacteria, according to the New York Times.

Technology Review reports that eGenesis is testing whether organs from genetically modified pigs can be transplanted into monkeys.

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