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Gene Silencing/Gene Editing

Scientists in George Church's lab have used massively multiplexed CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to remove porcine retroviruses that are a barrier to transplanting pig organs into humans.

The ag-bio giant and the CRISPR research tools company will cross-license patents and collaborate to further develop the genome editing toolkit.

The organization's bioethics committee called for a moratorium on germline editing and regulations on personal genomic testing.

Post-transcription editing of RNAs could help scientists investigate cancer progression, discover new biomarkers, and suggest treatment targets.

Jennifer Doudna sat down with GenomeWeb to talk about being tipped for the Nobel Prize, teaching CRISPR to undergrads, and the public perception of the technology.

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A survey of Cincinnati schoolchildren finds teenagers want to know their genetic predisposition to disease, LiveScience reports.

More and more universities are helping their researchers patent their inventions, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Cancer Research UK unveils seven 'grand challenges' that it will fund researchers to tackle.

In PLOS this week: parent-of-origin effects, framework to uncover clinically important mutations from whole genome sequence data, and more.