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gene editing

Sangamo Therapeutics has announced preliminary results from its gene-editing trial, the Associated Press reports.

Make 'Em Hardier

The Financial Times looks into the use of gene editing within agriculture.

Who Knew What When?

Technology Review reports that Stanford University is investigating what its faculty members knew about He Jiankui's effort to edit the genomes of human embryos.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: new CRISPR nuclease described, gut bacteria reference, and more.

The company said the financing will further support its strategy of translating its genome editing platforms into potential therapeutics and drug-discovery solutions.

February 5, 2019: Researchers are searching for a range of gene-editing enzyme tools, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Two new studies identified extensive RNA scaffolds underlying the increased editing efficiency of these nucleases.

Basic Editing

NPR reports on ongoing basic research involving CRISPR and human embryos in the US.

No Dumping

The Economist discusses "ethics dumping" in light of the CRISPR embryo editing announcement.

Bananas, Edited

Researchers are using gene-editing tools to protect bananas from disease, New Scientist reports.


Researchers tie a variant in ADAMTS3 to breathing difficulties in dissimilar dog breeds, according to Discover's D-brief blog.

The Japan Times reports that researchers sequenced the genome of a woman who lived during the Jomon period.

Parents of children with rare genetic disease have to contend with shifts in the interpretation of genetic variants, the Wall Street Journal reports.

In Science this week: single-nucleus RNA sequencing of brain tissue from individuals with autism, and more.