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gene editing

Researchers are working to bring back the American chestnut in a blight-resistant form.

The genome editing nucleases slide and hop along double-stranded DNA to find and bind to their target sequence.

Let's Talk About This

The White House says ethical discussions about genome editing of the human germline are needed.

Time to Talk

The US National Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Medicine plan to hold an international meeting in the fall to discuss ethical and other issues surrounding human genome editing.

And They Say...

More than two dozen researchers tell Nature Biotechnology their thoughts on the ethics of using the CRISPR-Cas9 approach to edit the human germline.

Pause to Plan

Nick Stockton at Wired says that a pause in studying genome-editing tools should be used to find a path forward.

Responsible Use

A bioethicist argues for the responsible use of germline gene editing.

And Sounded

Protein & Cell says it published the human germline editing paper as a "sounding of an alarm."

The gene editing company priced its initial public offering of 5.5 million American Depositary Shares with expectations of going public on the Nasdaq. 

african killifish

The African turquoise killifish, which lives only four to six months, has been transformed into a platform for genetic research with the help of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.


New US Department of Commerce rules will affect supercomputing in China, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A new analysis finds that it will be more than a century until female computer scientists publish at the same rate as their male counterparts, ScienceInsider reports.

Broad Institute researchers describe an approach they've dubbed "DNA microscopy."

In PLOS this week: epigenetic changes following hepatitis C virus treatment, metagenomic analysis of Ugandan children with febrile illness, and more.