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This Week in Science

In Science this week: intellectual property landscape of CRISPR genome editing, and more.

The company plans to use the funds to support the worldwide launch of its commercial platform for propagation and gene editing in cell types that are difficult to transfect.

Researchers tell Technology Review about their efforts to use genetic engineering to control invasive rodent populations.

Cows in Hainan, China

A paper published in Genome Biology provides information on "reduced, but still considerable" off-target effects of Cas9 nickase-induced editing.

A $900,000 grant will support a partnership between Christiana Care and Jerusalem-based biotech firm NovellusDx on genome editing technologies.

The agency is looking for information on potential food safety risks and whether new regulations are needed for genome-edited plants.

This Week in Science

In Science this week: tomato sequencing identifies flavor compounds lost in modern varieties, and more.

Doing Well

Two children treated with a gene-editing therapy for their leukemia are healthy a year later, according to New Scientist.

Through Their Paces

A draft guidance from the FDA suggests the agency wants to more tightly control gene-edited animals, according to Technology Review.

The agency expects existing programs to guide its regulation, adding that modified portions of animal genomes would be considered drugs.


In Science this week: intellectual property landscape of CRISPR genome editing, and more.

A researcher has been convicted of conspiring to steal genetically engineered rice, Reuters reports.

Harvard Medical School's George Church says a woolly mammoth-elephant hybrid is only a few years away, according to the New Scientist.

Intel is ending its sponsorship of the International Science and Engineering Fair, the New York Times reports.