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functional genomics

The Finnish bioinformatics firm will aid European researchers and animal-focused diagnostics companies in developing a functional annotation of the dog genome.

Researchers working on the Human Functional Genomics Project have begun to unravel genetic relationships and variations in human immune response. 

The so-called Cos-Seq method marries functional screening with next-generation sequencing to rapidly identify potential drug resistance mechanisms.

Researchers at the Joint Genome Institute and elsewhere have been working on understanding the genomes of switchgrass and a close relative in order to use the plants to make better biofuels.

In Genome Research this week: new strategy for sequencing mammalian Y chromosomes, gene expression regulatory differences in drought-adapted grass, and more.

This Week in Nature

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Through genetic association and functional studies, researchers from the University of California, San Diego found that risk variants in SIX6 and p16INK4a are associated with senescence of retinal ganglion cells.

This Week in Nature

In Nature this week: mouse genome functional analysis, more sensitive chromatin immunoprecipitation, and more.

A University of Iowa-led team performed targeted sequencing on 1,400 trios to follow up on regions linked to cleft lip by genome-wide association or candidate gene studies.

Zhiqiang Han has been awarded US Patent No. 8,536,322, "Method for nucleic acid isolation by solid phase reversible binding of nucleic acids."
Han is also the sole inventor listed.


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At the Conversation, the University of Oxford's Michael Macklay writes that learning genetic risk of disease is a personal decision.

Two dozen scientific organizations have endorsed the March for Science, according to ScienceInsider.

Researchers in Japan describe a chimpanzee with a chromosomal abnormality similar to human Down syndrome, Mashable reports.