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A blog post at the Guardian says that epigenetics is coming soon to forensics.

And Closed

A familial DNA search closed a more than 40-year-old murder case, the Washington Post reports.

New York is weighing allowing familial DNA searches, according to the New York Times.

Changes in the microbiome can help researchers pinpoint time of death, Scientific American reports.

The company's Keystone platform will have an iPhone-esque application platform for different tools used for forensic DNA data analysis. 

New York officials are considering the use of a familial DNA search to get a lead on a suspect in the strangulation death of a runner.

The company will work with researchers from the University of North Texas Health Science Center to develop better software for forensics. 

Blow Fly Sequence

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis researchers sequence the genome of the black blow fly, which is used in forensic investigations.

Familial DNA searches in criminal cases are winning over some critics, the Los Angeles Times reports.

DNA phenotyping puts a potential face to a suspect in a nearly 25-year-old murder, the AP reports.


In Science this week: intellectual property landscape of CRISPR genome editing, and more.

A researcher has been convicted of conspiring to steal genetically engineered rice, Reuters reports.

Harvard Medical School's George Church says a woolly mammoth-elephant hybrid is only a few years away, according to the New Scientist.

Intel is ending its sponsorship of the International Science and Engineering Fair, the New York Times reports.