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forensic DNA testing

New York officials are considering the use of a familial DNA search to get a lead on a suspect in the strangulation death of a runner.

Familial DNA searches in criminal cases are winning over some critics, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The New Orleans firm launched two products last week for DNA quantification and typing of forensics samples. 

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Prosecutors seek to introduce evidence from low-template DNA analysis in a murder case in upstate New York, the New York Times reports.

Scene of the Crime

One case illustrates how DNA evidence can incriminate an innocent person, Scientific American says.

For an ID

New tools are enabling researchers in Hawaii to identify the remains of US service members killed during the Korean War, NPR reports.

Low Copy Forensics

Disagreements arise over using low copy number DNA analysis for forensic applications, the New York Times reports.

Finally Found

An "Identify the Missing" Day has used DNA to identify the remains of a missing California woman, the AP reports.

New York Times reader wonders whether tissues are a good source of DNA evidence.


The Wall Street Journal reports that National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins' response to contamination concerns at the agency might have delayed care.

The final revision of the Common Rule doesn't include the proposed change requiring consent for leftover biospecimens.

The first Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology papers show mixed results.

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