forensic DNA testing

Flushed Out a Suspect

Fecal DNA helps police arrest a California burglary suspect, the Ventura County Star reports.

An opinion piece appearing in Newsday likens familial DNA searches to stop-and-frisk policies.

According to the AP, local police departments are creating their own DNA databases.

The Thermo Fisher subsidiary is not liable to Promega in the US for selling infringing forensic DNA kits in Europe, containing US-manufactured Taq polymerase.

And Closed

A familial DNA search closed a more than 40-year-old murder case, the Washington Post reports.

New York is weighing allowing familial DNA searches, according to the New York Times.

New York officials are considering the use of a familial DNA search to get a lead on a suspect in the strangulation death of a runner.

Familial DNA searches in criminal cases are winning over some critics, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The New Orleans firm launched two products last week for DNA quantification and typing of forensics samples. 

In Genome Research this week: pangolin genome sequencing study, postmortem genetic screening of sudden unexplained death, and more.


Jay Shendure and his colleagues have developed a new method to more comprehensively identify human cell types, the NY Times reports.

Researchers in the UK and Japan have shown that infertility in mice with three sex chromosomes can be overcome, according to the Guardian.

China is embracing preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Nature News reports. 

In PLOS this week: host genetic factors associated with cervical neoplasia progression, population patterns for an ancient flowering rainforest plant, and more.