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While Aurora's long-term plans include research using pharmacogenomic strategies, for the time being it will most likely use genomics for biomarker discovery work.

The collaborators will study the use of genomic medicine, genetic counseling, and electronic medical records for heart disease and hypertension.

The consortium and the network will collaborate to identify genetic traits for adverse drug reactions.

The second phase of the Electronic Medical Health Records and Genomics program will support a range of new studies incorporating EMRs with genome-wide association studies.

The focus of the partnership is on developing cancer diagnostics that may lead to better prediction of disease progression, and the identification of patients who may benefit from specific cancer treatments.

Vanderbilt University scientists have used the school's BioVu databank and electronic medical records to replicate genetic links already known for five diseases.

The top 10 grants in the PGx arena will help pay for projects involving electronic health records, genomic disease risk in cancer, comparative-effectiveness studies on genomic medicine, and PGx research into heart disease.

An advisor to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology said at a meeting this week that regulators are discussing ways to regulate EHR systems.


The Wall Street Journal looks into FamilyTreeDNA's handling of genetic genealogy searches by law enforcement.

In a point-counterpoint in the Boston Globe, researchers discuss the potential of gene editing to prevent Lyme disease, but also the pitfalls of doing so.

MIT's Technology Review reports that researchers hope to develop a CRISPR-based pain therapy.

In Science this week: atlas of malaria parasites' gene expression across their life cycles, and more.