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A $1.5 million NIGMS grant will support a resource to house, manage, and distribute the expression and sequence clones from the PSI:Biology program.

The Finnish firm offers access to a gene expression and cancer database for use in developing personalized treatment strategies.

The European Nucleotide Archive consolidates the European Trace Archive, The Sequence Read Archive, and the Nucleotide Sequence Database into one EMBL resource.

The partners will combine their expertise in glycan analysis and glycobiology to create a new database intended to help speed up glycosylation analysis.

The company is working with the Research Collaboratory for Structural Biology to provide training and outreach tools for the protein data resource.

The Centralized Protein Sequence and Function Resource would house proteomics and related information for researchers.

The compound management database contains information on drug and drug-like small molecules, and their genomic and chemical interfaces.

The joint research effort will focus on finding genetic links for obesity and metabolic diseases.

Yeah, we know. The very term 'semantic Web' makes your eyes glaze over. Experts discuss the latest advances in data integration, the challenges that still set their teeth on edge — and why you're going to be so grateful for the semantic Web one day.

The goal of the NCGR partnership, according to a Kognitio official, is to help "evolve" the WX2 database so it "can do things for bioinformatics professionals that they can't get other places."


23andMe is offering early customers re-testing on newer chips for a fee, Wired reports.

He Jiankui is no longer affiliated with Direct Genomics Biotechnology, the single molecule sequencing company he founded, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

Newsweek writes about the hopes for precision medicine in cancer, but also challenges getting it to patients.

In Genome Research this week: genomic architecture of glioblastoma, predictive computational approach to estimate SNP fitness, and more.