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The privately-held German firm also plans to offer genetic tumor profiling and noninvasive prenatal testing.

HHS has filed an application with the USPTO to service mark the moniker "precision medicine initiative" and distinguish the government effort from other projects.

A $4.6 million Simons Foundation grant will fund enrollment and initial data collection, but additional resources are necessary for genetic analysis and hypothesis generation.

LifeMap will promote Toldot's products to academic researchers, research hospitals, and biopharmaceutical firms.

For-profit organizations will be charged an annual fee to download COSMIC content that will vary depending on the organization's size and manner of using the resource.

Subscription-based access with separate pricing options for industry and academia may be able to support TAIR and other research repositories facing dwindling government funding.

The NIH award funds a database that catalogs genomic information of clinically, economically, and scientifically important eukaryotic pathogens.

The partners will develop a solution based on the MiSeq platform and a jointly developed pathogen genome database based on BioMérieux's culture collection.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Researchers from the National Cancer Institute have sequenced the protein-coding portions of the NCI-60 human cancer cell line genomes, using the data to look for genetic contributors to drug response in the well-characterized cell line panel.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – Ignyta said on Monday it has acquired biotech firm Actagene for an undisclosed amount.


The Economist reports that it is increasingly easier to analyze the metabolites people give off, potentially revealing personal information about them.

The Los Angeles Times reports that only a third of California students meet the state's new science standards.

A controversial paper on the gender gap in science has been corrected, according to BuzzFeed News.

In Science this week: evidence of interbreeding between the ancestors of West Africans and an unknown archaic human, and more.