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computational biology

Pfizer will fund the drug target studies and will hold options for milestones and licensing.

The Israel-based computational genomics platform developer and agricultural genomics firm reported a $2.1 million profit.

John Quackenbush heads Dana-Farber's Center for Cancer Computational Biology, which offers bioinformatics support for a range of applications, with a particular focus on microarray analysis. "It's not hardware or software that’s limiting," he said. "It's grayware — having the right minds to take advantage of data."

The grants, for up to $275,000 over two years, will support development of informatics for genomics, proteomics, and other areas.


An initial analysis suggests the novel coronavirus from Wuhan that is sickening people might come from snakes, a team of virologists writes at the Conversation.

DNA testing confirms captured Chicago coyote same as the one that bit a boy near a nature museum, the Chicago Tribune reports.

An analysis of Tibetan ice cores uncovers more than two dozen previously unknown virus groups, LiveScience reports.

In Nature this week: genomic analysis of four children buried in Cameroon approximately 3,000 and 8,000 years ago, and more.