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computational biology

Using a new phylogenomic method known as the "analyzer of gene and species trees," or AnGST method, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Broad Institute have gained insights into a period of gene expansion that occurred billions of years ago.

The alliance includes a $12 million equity investment from Bayer CropScience in Evogene.

Researchers from the University of Toronto and elsewhere reported today that they have used RNA features in dozens of mouse tissues to develop a code for predicting tissue-specific alternative splicing patterns.

The institute, which is part of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, is in the process of completing a $205 million, 300,000-square-foot facility within the UW-Madison campus. An official said that systems biology and computational biology will play key roles.

Pfizer will fund the drug target studies and will hold options for milestones and licensing.

The Israel-based computational genomics platform developer and agricultural genomics firm reported a $2.1 million profit.

John Quackenbush heads Dana-Farber's Center for Cancer Computational Biology, which offers bioinformatics support for a range of applications, with a particular focus on microarray analysis. "It's not hardware or software that’s limiting," he said. "It's grayware — having the right minds to take advantage of data."

The grants, for up to $275,000 over two years, will support development of informatics for genomics, proteomics, and other areas.


President Donald Trump announced the US would be leaving the World Health Organization, NBC News reports.

A study of Great Danes homes in on a genomic region linked to fearfulness.

CDC head says a new analysis indicates earlier testing wouldn't have caught viral spread, NPR reports.

In PLOS this week: gene expression and epigenetics of Indonesian populations, hookworm parasite secretome, and more.