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cancer sequencing

Mutations present in tissue from Barrett's esophagus may help predict progression to high-grade dysplasia or cancer.

The software provides clinical testing laboratories with tools, peer-reviewed content, and guidelines to interpret and report on variants found in oncology-based NGS tests.

Researchers presenting at ASCO demonstrated the 100-gene panel test plus targeted therapy leads to better outcomes and lower cost than standard chemotherapy.

Over the next two years, Cancer Genetics' genomic laboratory in Hyderabad, India, expects to analyze several thousand samples provided by ReproCell.

The company reported $1.2 million in revenues compared to $118,000 in the year-ago quarter.

Broad's CRSP pipeline repurposes and validates familiar tools and best practices from its research arm and also incorporates some new ones.

The investment bank gave Foundation Medicine an Outperform rating, and Myriad Genetics and Genomic Health each a Market Perform rating.

Illumina's Nextera kits and NGS technology will be used in the the National Lung Matrix Trial being run by Cancer Research UK.

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) — About two years from its launch in 2012, a pediatric cancer sequencing study led by Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital ha

CHICAGO (GenomeWeb) – Research presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology this week included a wealth of data from programs using next-generation sequencing to guide treatment for cancer patients.


23andMe and Airbnb have partnered to offer "heritage travel," according to Venture Beat.

China may include regulations protecting genes and embryos in its update of its civil code, Nature News reports.

In Nature this week: exome sequence analysis of individuals with type 2 diabetes, genomic prediction of maize yield across environments, and more.

NPR reports on efforts to engineer bacteriophages to destroy antibiotic-resistance bacteria.