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biomarker discovery

The institute seeks to fund researchers who will study biomarkers that could detect mitochondrial dysfunction and its links to environmental stressors and exposures.

The purchase of Clinical Data's genetic testing assets gives Transgenomic 11 marketed tests for inherited heart diseases under the Familion brand, PGxPredict tests gauging drug response, tests targeting Fc gamma receptor biomarkers, and a Plavix response test under development.

The goal of the project, called Hepachronix, is to gain a better understanding of how liver fibrosis progresses from early, mild stage to debilitating diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatoma carcinoma.

The biomarkers will be used to predict clinical response to an Astrimmune vaccine, which induces antibody production against gastrin.

Sage will develop a predictive model and identify regulatory genes and predictive biomarkers. The two partners will then discover and prioritize the targets.

The institute and the drugmaker will collaborate to identify and validate oncology targets, and Sanofi-Aventis will then do further work to develop therapeutic agents against the targets and related biomarkers.

The company is continuing development of a cancer biomarker knowledgebase that it plans to take to market in 2011.

Researchers have received five-year awards totaling $17.5 million toward ongoing coordination of the Early Detection Research Network, as well as projects centered on colon cancer biomarker discovery, and breast and ovarian cancer biomarker validation.

The software, which is anticipated to be launched next year, will allow research teams to build biomarker hypotheses, request expressions of interest and prepare proposals for clinical development.

The company is considering several open source and commercial software tools for next-generation sequence analysis and will also develop bespoke tools for areas such as transcriptomics and splice discovery.


A new study finds that three dimensional facial scans may be able to aid in diagnosing rare genetic diseases.

The Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have retracted two COVID-19 papers due to concerns about the data used in their analyses.

Lawmakers plan to introduce a bill that aims to prevent the theft of US-funded research, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In Science this week: analysis of ancient Caribbean islanders' genomes suggests at least three waves of migration into the region,  DNA barcoding of microbial spores, and more.