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The Dutch hub of a European biobanking initiative will integrate samples and data.

The data bank will offer access to genetic and phenotype data from bowel disease patients.

Gentris will store various specimens for Clinical Logistics.

The HHS genetics committee will soon discuss and explore recommendations on storing and using residual blood spots.

The company will provide biosample services to the Fairbanks Institute.

The institute plans to expand its specimen and data resource for NINDS.

In a perspectives paper in Science today, a team of researchers and bioethicists proposed limiting the distribution of children's DNA samples and genetic information until they are old enough to give consent.

Having identified 51 participating organizations, BBMRI plans to develop a prototype biobanking system.


23andMe is offering early customers re-testing on newer chips for a fee, Wired reports.

He Jiankui is no longer affiliated with Direct Genomics Biotechnology, the single molecule sequencing company he founded, Nikkei Asian Review reports.

Newsweek writes about the hopes for precision medicine in cancer, but also challenges getting it to patients.

In Genome Research this week: genomic architecture of glioblastoma, predictive computational approach to estimate SNP fitness, and more.