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animal genomics

By sequencing the genome and transcriptome of the leaf-cutter ant Atta cephalotes, researchers are learning about the genetic features contributing to the ant's obligate symbiotic relationship with the fungus it farms.

The sale, which includes its animal genomics subsidiary, is part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

In three Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences papers published online this week, researchers describe their efforts to sequence and characterize the Argentine, red harvester, and fire ant genomes.

One of the centers will use genomic approaches to create better cattle for beef and milk.

The suit centers on methods of testing for canine breed identification.

The collaboration will apply genomics, antigenomics, proteomics, comparative translational medicine, and other research methods for its work.

The gift, given anonymously, will support the creation of new faculty positions, DNA sequencing work, and the DNA bank.

Researchers from the National Human Genome Research Institute and the University of Alaska at Fairbanks used microsatellite analyses to explore the genetics of Alaskan sled dogs specialized for sprint or distance racing.

According to Fluidigm's CEO, the chip has implication beyond the ag-bio industry, such as diagnostics and pharmacogenomics.

CSIRO's Livestock Industries is using the Swedish company's Stabilizor T1 platform in its animal proteomics research efforts.


Researchers have developed a robotic lab assistant, the Verge reports.

CBC News reports Canada's Supreme Court is to rule on the constitutionality of the country's genetic non-discrimination law today.

The Associated Press reports the World Health Organization is sending experts to China to investigate the animal source of SARS-CoV-2.

In Science this week: atlas of affected cell populations in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, and more.