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animal genomics

In three Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences papers published online this week, researchers describe their efforts to sequence and characterize the Argentine, red harvester, and fire ant genomes.

One of the centers will use genomic approaches to create better cattle for beef and milk.

The suit centers on methods of testing for canine breed identification.

The collaboration will apply genomics, antigenomics, proteomics, comparative translational medicine, and other research methods for its work.

The gift, given anonymously, will support the creation of new faculty positions, DNA sequencing work, and the DNA bank.

Researchers from the National Human Genome Research Institute and the University of Alaska at Fairbanks used microsatellite analyses to explore the genetics of Alaskan sled dogs specialized for sprint or distance racing.

According to Fluidigm's CEO, the chip has implication beyond the ag-bio industry, such as diagnostics and pharmacogenomics.

CSIRO's Livestock Industries is using the Swedish company's Stabilizor T1 platform in its animal proteomics research efforts.

An international research team has combined ancient and modern mitochondrial DNA data to learn more about the domestication and evolution of pigs in East Asia.


Three genetic testing companies form a coalition to influence how Congress considers genetic privacy, The Hill reports.

University of California, San Diego researchers investigate how skin care products influence the skin microbiome, Scientific American reports.

The Wall Street Journal examines billing codes used by uBiome.

In PNAS this week: links between lung adenocarcinoma and lncRNA, algorithm to impute and cluster Hi-C interaction profiles from single cells, and more.