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agricultural genomics

The assembly of the agricultural pest Rhizoctonia solani genome was more contiguous and larger than previous short-read assemblies.

An Irish agriculture official says genomics could be used to fight cattle rustlers, according to AgriLand.

The firm's technology, called genotyping by random amplicon sequencing, or GRAS, should improve the efficiency of identifying and selecting markers for crop improvement.

BGI will work with researchers in Australia on agricultural and human health projects, and will seek new partnerships across the region. 

A new study in PNAS documents how genomic selection using SNP chips has rapidly changed breeding practices in the dairy industry over the last decade.

A team of researchers from Spain has sequenced the genome of a 1,200-year-old olive tree, publishing a draft assembly in GigaScience today.

The collaborators will use Benson Hill's Breed software to advance sorghum genetics research and a crop breeding program funded by the Department of Energy.

US regulators are to discuss how to oversee crops modified using new gene-editing techniques.

The tests will be based on Agena's MassArray system and commercialized by CapitalBio for agricultural and related sectors in China and other regions.

Some customers have already been able to access the low-cost, low-plex genotyping solution as a service since Affy acquired Eureka last year.


The US Patent and Trademark Office is opening another interference proceeding in the CRISPR patent fight.

There's increasing genetic evidence that a number of ancient hominins may have contributed to the human gene pool, according to Discover's The Crux blog.

The Japan News writes that Japan needs to seize the opportunity to ensure that a wide number of people benefit from personalized cancer treatments.

In Cell this week: messenger RNA expression and translation, RNA localization atlas, and more.