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agricultural genomics

The agriculture company will use the center as a base for collaborations with Chinese scientists.

Researchers have identified epigenetic patterns that influence both energy use efficiency and seed yield in the canola plant Brassica napus.

The funding from the three countries will use informatics to study systems involved in seed germination.

The funding comes from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture and will be used to sequence the flax genome and to commercialize genomics projects.

The agriculture company will work with Huazhong to develop genetic traits for foods, fuels, and fibers.

Funding cooperative partnerships, the PGRP grants are focused on crop research that address "urgent societal needs."

The grants will fund crop enhancement studies focused on drought resistance, yield, quality, and nutrition.

North Dakota State, UC-Davis, Michigan State, and U of Minnesota won applied genomics stimulus grants.


The Associated Press reports that a state board in Texas has asked ANDE, a maker of rapid DNA machines, to halt its work there.

James Wyngaarden, the former director of the US National Institutes of Health, has died at 94, according to Duke University School of Medicine.

Researchers find that a 30-year-old skull comes from a narwhal-beluga hybrid, according to Science News.

In Nature this week: study of value diversity in GWAS, Epstein-Barr virus subtypes linked to nasopharyngeal carcinoma risk, and more.