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    South Carolina Supreme Court Mulls Whether Quest is Healthcare Provider in Wrongful Death Suit

    Article: In-Depth—in Neurological & Psychological Disorders

    The court's determination is critical to deciding if Williams v Quest/Athena can advance or if it must be dismissed on statute of repose grounds. 

    The document is one of the early fruits of GA4GH Connect, a five-year initiative to better align the group's objectives with the key needs of the international genomic data community.

    Still Available

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    The Huffington Post writes that the science advisor position in the US is still not filled.

    NSF Policy to Combat Sexual Harassment in Science

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    The US National Science Foundation is adopting new rules aimed at combating sexual harassment among its grantees.

    Clive Brown, the company's chief technology officer, provided an update on the firm's business and talked about new products and planned improvements.


    Last week, GenomeWeb's readers were most interested in Thermo Fisher Scientific loaning Premaitha $3 million to fund its litigation with Illumina.

    And Azar Confirmed

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    The US Senate has confirmed Alex Azar as secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services, according to NPR.

    Hope for Funds

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    A possible coalition government in Germany could mean increased science funding, Nature News reports.

    Executives at two commercial payors said they'd follow CMS' lead when it comes to patients covered under Medicare but beyond that their support for the agency's policy is less clear. 

    NIPT Commentary Raises Physician Conflict as Factor in Average-Risk Adoption

    Article: In-Depth—in Molecular Diagnostics

    Adam Wolfberg argued that while corporate conflicts are widely discussed, physicians also have financial conflicts that can bias them against new technology.

    LifeMark to Offer Cancer Genomic Profiling Service to Life Insurance Customers

    Article: Breaking News—in Sequencing

    LifeMark's affiliate brokerage general agents will now offer Wamberg Genomic Advisors' Cancer Guardian cancer genomic profiling program.

    Growing interest in precision medicine is spurring genetic testing services claiming to personalize diets, but Janssens' research indicates the evidence is still lacking.

    The new, open-source GATK4 widens its coverage and compatibility with major cloud platforms while adding machine learning.

    New UK Science Minister

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    Sam Gyimah is the new UK science and universities minister, Nature News reports.

    Nevada Health Project Participants to Gain Access to Helix Genomics Marketplace

    Article: In-Depth—in Genetic Research

    Following a successful pilot with 23andMe, the Healthy Nevada Project partners with Helix to increase the depth of genomics data while giving participants access to DNA results.

    By the end of 2019, Regeneron plans sequence the exomes of all 500,000 participants in the UK Biobank.

    Personalized Medicine Continued Growth in 2017 Despite Political, Reimbursement Uncertainty

    Article: In-Depth—in Companion Diagnostics

    The year brought more FDA approvals for molecularly targeted drugs and NGS tests for personalizing cancer treatment, but reimbursement remained a stress point for industry.

    Strike a Balance

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    University of Houston's Barbara Evans says in a commentary there's a way to reconcile both access to genomic information and safety concerns.


The New York City medical examiner is overseeing an effort to identify missing persons using DNA, according to the Associated Press.

Nobel laureate Günter Blobel has died at 81, the New York Times reports.

In PNAS this week: mouse model of genetically induced emphysema, gene expression signatures of circulating melanoma cells, and more.

Technology Review reports that 2017 was the year of consumer genetic testing and that it could spur new analysis companies.