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    Executives at two commercial payors said they'd follow CMS' lead when it comes to patients covered under Medicare but beyond that their support for the agency's policy is less clear. 

    NIPT Commentary Raises Physician Conflict as Factor in Average-Risk Adoption

    Article: In-Depth—in Molecular Diagnostics

    Adam Wolfberg argued that while corporate conflicts are widely discussed, physicians also have financial conflicts that can bias them against new technology.

    Some industry players are accusing CMS of advancing backdoor LDT regulation by proposing to cover NGS tests with FDA approval/clearance, except in a limited setting.

    Celmatix Plans to Expand Next Year Following New Funding, Test Approval From NY State

    Article: In-Depth—in Reproductive Health

    The firm recently won $4.5 million as well as approval for its Fertilome test from New York state, though some have questioned the test's clinical utility.

    In Stanford Survey, Majority of Genetics Professionals Supports Human Gene Editing

    Article: Breaking News—in Policy & Legislation

    According to survey results presented at ASHG, most genetics experts support somatic and germline gene editing, though few favor trait enhancement.

    CogenDx Uses Molecular Methods to ID 'Unusual Suspect' Pathogens in Wound Care

    Article: In-Depth—in Molecular Diagnostics

    The firm hopes its newly launched DxWound will improve pathogen detection in skin and soft tissue infections by including anaerobic and fungal microbes in its reports.

    A new set of papers reveals a range of gene expression influencers, identified using thousands of samples collected for the Genotype-Tissue Expression project.

    The government payor proposed rates that would reduce payment by $670 million, though CMS previously estimated a $390 million cut in 2018.

    Gutierrez Leaving FDA After Leading Dx Regulatory Efforts During Precision Medicine Revolution

    Article: Breaking News—in Molecular Diagnostics

    His time at OIVD was one of breakneck advancement in molecular diagnostics, to which the agency responded with regulatory action and efforts to reduce regulatory burden.

    Counsyl, Natera at Odds Over Simulation Study of NIPT Performance at Low Fetal Fraction

    Article: In-Depth—in Molecular Diagnostics

    Counsyl believes its data is robust, while Natera has called the methodology and conclusions "gratuitously wrong." Both published opposing response letters this week.

    ETH Zurich Team Develops Algorithm for DIA-Based PTM Analysis

    Article: In-Depth—in Proteomics & Protein Research

    The method will allow DIA-based studies of protein PTMs similar to what has been possible using conventional data-dependent acquisition mass spec approaches.

    'Quality Versus Quantity'

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    According to Nature News, researchers are moving toward measuring biodiversity by the quality of functional variants rather than just the quantity of species.

    Analysts have released notes to investors refuting the report's claims, calling the short thesis "flawed," and reiterating their ratings for Exact's stock.

    PlayDNA Pilot Project

    The New York Genome Center spinout has been conducting a pilot project involving Oxford Nanopore's MinIon with a Manhattan middle school.

    Founder Mark Harris and Gillian Hooker, VP of clinical development, explain why a more efficient Genetic Health Information Network is critical to the advancement of precision medicine.

    Dutch Study Makes NIPT Available to All Women; Belgian Provider Cries Foul Over State Subsidy

    Article: In-Depth—in Molecular Diagnostics

    Since April 1, noninvasive prenatal testing, provided by three university genetic centers, is available to all pregnant women in the Netherlands for €175 as part of the TRIDENT-2 study.

    Trump Budget Blueprint Would Slash NIH Funding by 20 Percent

    Article: Breaking News—in Policy & Legislation

    In his report, President Trump called for a reduction in National Institutes of Health funding, along with a reorganization of the agency.

    PGx Testing Firm Genelex Publishes RCT, Spins Out Analytics Unit in Effort to Improve Adoption

    Article: In-Depth—in Molecular Diagnostics

    Genelex is hoping that a recently published randomized-controlled trial will help it get on better footing with Medicare.

    Invitae's Q4 Revenues Increase Nearly Threefold

    Article: Breaking News—in Molecular Diagnostics

    Invitae reported $9.2 million in fourth quarter revenues compared to $3.2 million in the year-ago period, beating the consensus Wall Street estimate of $8.8 million.

    Another Name on the FDA List

    Blog Post—in The Scan

    Stat News reports that Joseph Gulfo is another contender for FDA commissioner.


CNN reports that researchers have tied a new variant to opioid addiction risk.

Organoids derived from patients' tumors may help determine what chemotherapy treatment patients would benefit from, according to New Scientist.

An initiative from GenomeAsia 100K hopes to increase the number of South Asians in genetic research, according to NBC News.

In Science this week: genomic analysis of ancient and modern horses indicates population turnover, and more.