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Personal Genomics Sues Pacific Biosciences in Chinese Court for Patent Infringement

NEW YORK – Personal Genomics, a Taiwan-based sequencing technology firm, has sued Pacific Biosciences in China, alleging patent infringement.

The complaint, filed in the Wuhan People's Court, "asserts that PacBio's Sequel and Sequel II, as well as related commercialization activities by PacBio, its agents and certified service providers, infringe one or more claims of China patent No. CN101743321B," Personal Genomics said in a statement. The patent is for a "Bioassay system including optical detection apparatuses, and method for detecting biomolecules."

"PacBio has long been aware of our patents in these areas and is choosing to make and sell products incorporating our patented technology without authorization," Johnsee Lee, CEO of Personal Genomics, said in a statement.

"We have not seen these new claims being made by Personal Genomics and cannot provide any additional comment at this time," PacBio said in an email.

Personal Genomics also sued PacBio in September 2019 in a US federal court, alleging patent infringement.

Founded in 2010, Personal Genomics is a spinout from Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute developing a new single-molecule sequencing technology.