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Paired Ends: Apr 28, 2009


Hagan Bayley has been named entrepreneur of the year by the Royal Society of Chemistry. He is a professor of chemical biology at the University of Oxford and a co-founder of Oxford Nanopore Technologies.

Detlef Weigel has been elected as a member of the National Academy of Sciences. He is the director of the department of molecular biology at the Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology in Tübingen, Germany. Weigel also heads the 1001 Genomes Project, which intends to sequence and analyze 1001 Arabidopsis thaliana strains.

Integrated Genomics has appointed Todd Smith, Michael Sadowsky, and Catalina Lopez-Correa to its scientific advisory board. Smith is the founder and chief science officer of Geospiza. Prior to that, he was a postdoctoral fellow in Leroy Hood's laboratory at the University of Washington Genome Center. Smith holds a BS in genetics and biochemistry from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in medicinal chemistry from the University of Washington.

Sadowsky is a professor and codirector of the Microbial and Plant Genomics Institute at the University of Minnesota. He holds a BS in bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a PhD from the University of Hawaii.

Lopez-Correa is the vice president of scientific affairs at Genome Quebec. Prior to that, she was a senior scientist in translational medicine and pharmacogenomics at Eli Lilly. She also headed the cytogenomic department at Decode Genetics. Lopez-Correa holds an MD from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia, a master's degree in human genetics from Paris V University in France, and a PhD in human genetics from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium.

Garry Merry has become vice president of commercial operations at Sloning BioTechnology. Prior to that, he held executive positions in sales and marketing with Applied Biosystems, Millipore, and Qiagen. At Qiagen, he was vice president of genomic services.