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Oligo Library Synthesis, MicroLab Nimbus, Agencourt Chloropure, Integrated Microbial Genomics 2.4, Clarity QSP, Clarity Oligo-RP HPLC

Agilent Technologies plans to provide Oligo Library Synthesis, custom mixtures of up to 55,000 different oligonucleotides of up to 200 bp in length, commercially later this year, the company said last week. Researchers are using the oligos, which are manufactured using Agilent’s SurePrint inkjet oligo manufacturing technology, to capture specific parts of genomic DNA for sequencing. The product will include bioreagents that will be compatible with a variety of next-generation sequencing platforms, according to the company.

Hamilton has launched its MicroLab Nimbus automated pipetting platform. Among other applications, it can process single or dual nucleic acid separations. The base configuration consists of a 96 channel pipetting head using Hamilton’s precision CO-RE tip technology. The pipettor is controlled by Hamilton’s Vector software.

Beckman Coulter has introduced the Agencourt Chloropure system, a new extraction kit for DNA and RNA isolation and purification from plant material. The chemistry is automated on the Beckman Coulter Biomek NXP and FXP laboratory automation workstations. Agencourt Chloropure incorporates the patented Agencourt Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization paramagnetic bead-based nucleic acid purification technology.

The Department of Energy’s Joint Genome Institute has released Integrated Microbial Genomics 2.4, an upgraded version of its metagenomics data management and analysis system that includes five new metagenome data sets taken from recent studies. IMG/M is available here.

Phenomenex has launched the Clarity QSP system for synthetic DNA and RNA purification. The system’s approach reinvents trityl-on purification, delivering nearly impurity free, concentrated, full-length oligonucleotide sequences, according to the company. Clarity QSP comes in three cartridge formats and in 96-well plates.

The company also introduced Clarity Oligo-RP HPLC columns for the reversed phase purification of oligonucleotides with balanced hydrophobicity and polar selectivity. The new columns easily separate full-length oligos from N-1 and other failed sequences, according to Phenomenex. Clarity Oligo-RP columns have loading capacities from 50 nmol to 50 µmol and are offered in sizes for analytical, semi-preparative, and preparative applications.

The Scan

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