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New Products: Illumina's HiSeq X Ten, HiSeq 2500 Reagent Kits; Agilent's SureSelect Focused Exome; More


Illumina has launched new reagent kits for the HiSeq X Ten and the HiSeq 2500. Both kits will start shipping in November. The HiSeq X HD v2 reagent kit supports the TruSeq DNA PCR-free sample preparation kit, which eliminates amplification during library preparation.

The HiSeq Rapid v2 reagent kit allows the generation of 2x250 base paired-end reads and delivers up to 300 gigabases of data in 60 hours using rapid run mode. The kit will work on all HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 1500, and upgraded systems.

Agilent Technologies has introduced the SureSelect Focused Exome, a target enrichment product that enables deep coverage of only those target regions that have been associated with disease.

The new product covers 16 megabases of sequence and enables 98 percent of targeted regions to be covered with 20 or more reads with 3 gigabases of sequencing. It can be paired with existing SureSelect target enrichment protocols with hybridization times as little as 90 minutes to provide sequencing-ready libraries in one day.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has developed automation protocols for New England Biolabs' NEBNext sample preparation reagent kits. The first methods were developed on the NGS configurations of the Biomek 4000 and the Biomek FXP Dual Arm Multi 96 and Span 8 platforms in collaboration with scientists from several research institutions. The methods create up to 96 sequence-ready libraries for Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms.

Methods available today are NEBNext Ultra Directional RNA, NEBNext Ultra DNA (including for ChIP-seq) for Illumina NGS, and NEBNext Fast DNA Fragmentation & Library Prep for Ion Torrent. Other methods, including for NEBNext ribosomal RNA depletion and the NEBNext Small RNA reagent kits, are expected to follow later this year.

Lab7 Systems has launched version 1.0 of the Lab7 Enterprise Sequencing Platform, data management software for next-generation sequencing laboratories. The product integrates a laboratory information management system with an analysis and reporting platform. Key features include LIMS Lite, an analysis pipeline manager, reports and visualizations, and a Lab7 resource manager. Lab7 ESP manages and analyzes data generated on any sequencing platform and deploys onto any compute infrastructure.