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New Products: Agilent's SureSelect for Ion Proton; DNAStar's Apps for BaseSpace; More


Agilent Technologies has optimized its SureSelect Target Enrichment solution for Life Technologies' Ion Proton. Customers can now order the SureSelect Human All Exon V5 exome kit as well as custom DNA target enrichment panels for the Proton. Using overnight hybridization, sequencer-ready samples can be prepared in 1.5 days.

DNAStar has added the SeqMan NGen and SeqMan Pro applications to Illumina's BaseSpace Apps applications store. Illumina BaseSpace users can now license DNAStar’s software for one, two, or three days to perform de novo or reference-guided sequence assemblies and analyses of several data sets.

SeqMan NGen supports reference-guided human exome alignment and SNP calling, as well as templated or de novo bacterial genome assembly and other assembly and alignment workflows. SeqMan Pro enables visualization, analysis, and filtering of data for one or multiple projects, using sequence data from Illumina’s BaseSpace environment.

Swift Biosciences has launched the Accel-NGS PCR-free DNA Library Kit for Illumina sequencing systems. Users can produce high complexity, PCR-free libraries from as little as 250 nanograms of input DNA. Libraries from 100 nanograms of DNA are possible but may require concentration prior to loading the flow cell. The protocol takes about 90 minutes and consists of five steps. The kit, for which optional indexing sets are available, does not require intact double-stranded DNA, making it compatible with damaged samples.

GATC Biotech has launched InView Applications, next-generation sequencing services that includes all steps from quality control, library preparation, and sequencing to bioinformatics.