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New Products: Feb 10, 2009


Applied Biosystems has launched version 3 of its SOLiD sequencing system, which it will start shipping later this week (see article in this issue). The instrument has generated 40-gigabase runs at ABI’s R&D labs and can obtain paired reads up to 100 bases in length and up to a billion sequencing tags per run, according to the company, which is a division of Life Technologies.

Agilent Technologies has introduced the Agilent SureSelect Target Enrichment System for targeted sequencing. The product is available for the Illumina Genome Analyzer and Agilent is in the process of optimizing it for the Applied Biosystems SOLiD system. According to the company, the product is scalable to a 96-well format, requires less genomic DNA than array- or PCR-based approaches, and provides high specificity. Agilent initially provides ready-to-use kits containing a customer-specified mixture of up to 55,000 biotinylated RNA probes, each 120 bases in length. SureSelect kits come in various sizes for between tens and thousands of samples. Users can also design their own custom SureSelect mixtures using the Agilent eArray online design tool.

RainDance Technologies has released its Sequence Enrichment Solution for targeted resequencing of the human genome for sale in North America. The service and product is the first commercial application of the company’s RainStorm microdroplet-based technology platform. The product consists of three components: the RDT 1000 instrument, which generates picoliter-volume PCR reactions in droplets at a rate of 10 million per hour; custom-ordered DNA primer libraries for the amplification of up to thousands of genomic loci; and sequence enrichment consumables kits.

Geospiza has introduced its GeneSifter Analysis Kit offering for users of Applied Biosystems’ SOLiD sequencer and Illumina’s Genome Analyzer. The following GeneSifter Analysis Kit pipelines are currently available to customers: a digital gene expression kit, an mRNA expression analysis kit, and an RNA-Seq analysis kit for the GA and the SOLiD; a tag profiling analysis kit, a ChIP-Seq analysis kit for Illumina, a resequencing analysis kit, a mutation discovery analysis kit, and a variant analysis kit for the GA; and a small RNA analysis kit for the SOLiD.

CLC bio has released CLC Genomics Server, an enterprise-level product for second-generation sequencing data analysis.

CLC Genomics Server is a three-tier enterprise solution for the high-performance computing based analysis of second-generation sequencing data. It consists of CLC bio’s workbench clients and web clients for individual users, a database for data management, and a server for carrying out heavy calculations and integrating with customers’ third-party tools.

Separately, the company has launched software updates to its workbenches. CLC Main Workbench and CLC Genomics Workbench now support a full workflow for the analysis of both digital and analog gene-expression data.

Epicentre Biotechnologies has launched ExactStart, a platform of tools for transcriptome discovery and analysis. The product allows users to selectively tag the exact 5’ end of any class of RNA molecules in a total RNA preparation. The tagged RNA is then converted to cDNA with unique tagging sequences on both ends that are customizable based on the intended application, for example second-generation sequencing. Kits are available for small-RNA discovery and analysis, full-length cDNA cloning, and RACE.

The Scan

Fertility Fraud Found

Consumer genetic testing has uncovered cases of fertility fraud that are leading to lawsuits, according to USA Today.

Ties Between Vigorous Exercise, ALS in Genetically At-Risk People

Regular strenuous exercise could contribute to motor neuron disease development among those already at genetic risk, Sky News reports.

Test Warning

The Guardian writes that the US regulators have warned against using a rapid COVID-19 test that is a key part of mass testing in the UK.

Science Papers Examine Feedback Mechanism Affecting Xist, Continuous Health Monitoring for Precision Medicine

In Science this week: analysis of cis confinement of the X-inactive specific transcript, and more.