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New Products: Jun 28, 2011


Roche's 454 Life Sciences has launched its new GS FLX+ system, which can generate read lengths up to 1,000 base pairs due to an increase in the number of sequencing flow cycles and the optimization of the chemistry and software. Along with the increased read length, the system also has a 50 percent increase in throughput, according to the company. The new system is compatible with the GS FLX Titanium sequencing chemistry.

In Sequence reported on the company's plans to launch the new system last month (IS 5/24/2011).

Gene Codes has released Sequencher 5.0, which now offers alignment tools as well as SNP and methylation analysis for next-generation DNA sequence data. The new release is compatible with data from capillary electrophoresis sequencing, as well as the Roche 454, Illumina, and Life Technologies SOLiD and Ion Torrent PGM NGS platforms.