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Mats Nilsson, Björn Ekström, Olle Ericsson, Ulf Landegren, Simon Fredriksson, Joe Beery, Michael Henighan, Nicholas Price

Olink Genomics, a newly formed subsidiary of Olink (see feature story, in this issue), has named Mats Nilsson, Björn Ekström, and Olle Ericsson to its board of directors, and Ulf Landegren and Simon Fredriksson to its scientific advisory board.
Nilsson is an associate professor and a group leader at the Rudbeck Laboratory at Uppsala University. He is the co-founder of Olink, Q-linea, and ParAllele Bioscience, now part of Affymetrix.
Ekström is CEO and co-founder of Olink. In the past, he held various R&D positions at Pharmacia Biotech, now part of GE Healthcare. He is also a former executive vice president, chief technology officer, and co-founder of Pyrosequencing, now Biotage. He further founded Becan, a technology and management consulting company. Ekström holds an MS in physical biochemistry from the Institute of Technology in Lund, Sweden.  
Ericsson is president, CEO, and a co-founder of Olink Genomics. He is also an affiliated scientist at the Rudbeck Laboratory at Uppsala University, where he recently completed his PhD.
Landegren is a professor at Uppsala University. He is also a scientific co-founder of Olink and ParAllele Bioscience.
Fredriksson is chief scientific officer and a scientific co-founder of Olink. Previously, he was staff scientist at Stanford University.

Joe Beery has become senior vice president and head of global information technology of Invitrogen.
Most recently, he was senior vice president and chief information officer at US Airways, and before that CIO of America West. Prior to that, he held multiple roles at Motorola Semiconductor and NV Philips.
According to Invitrogen, Beery “will be instrumental in integrating Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems technologies to give our customers access to an even greater breadth of products and solutions.” He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and business computer systems from the University of New Mexico.

Michael Henighan has been appointed as chief financial officer and principal accounting officer at Alpha Innotech. In the past, he held senior management positions with Applied Biosystems, Solectron, and Motorola.

Nicholas Price has joined Zygem as US-based technical director. He comes to Zygem from Invitrogen, where he was an R&D program manager and scientist. Price holds a PhD in biology from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal, an MS in biotechnology from the University of Kent in the UK, and a BS in applied chemistry from Nottingham and Trent University, also in the UK.

The Scan

LINE-1 Linked to Premature Aging Conditions

Researchers report in Science Translational Medicine that the accumulation of LINE-1 RNA contributes to premature aging conditions and that symptoms can be improved by targeting them.

Team Presents Cattle Genotype-Tissue Expression Atlas

Using RNA sequences representing thousands of cattle samples, researchers looked at relationships between cattle genotype and tissue expression in Nature Genetics.

Researchers Map Recombination in Khoe-San Population

With whole-genome sequences for dozens of individuals from the Nama population, researchers saw in Genome Biology fine-scale recombination patterns that clustered outside of other populations.

Myotonic Dystrophy Repeat Detected in Family Genome Sequencing Analysis

While sequencing individuals from a multi-generation family, researchers identified a myotonic dystrophy type 2-related short tandem repeat in the European Journal of Human Genetics.