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Macrogen to Provide Sequencing Services to Vall d'Hebron Research Institute

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Macrogen announced on Monday an agreement to provide its sequencing services to Spain's Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, including those using Illumina's HiSeq X Ten next-generation sequencing system.

Macrogen will provide various genomics services to VHIR's staff of 1,200 researchers as they translate their work from research into clinical applications. VHIR conducts biomedical research at the University Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona, Spain.

Macrogen highlighted that among the services that will be provided is sequencing performed on Illumina's HiSeq X Ten platform, launched earlier this year for large-scale whole-genome sequencing. Macrogen said it is the only European provider of the system, which can analyze the genomes of 16 people within three days at a cost below $1,000 per genome.

The South Korean-based genomics analysis firm was among the first companies to buy the platform, as In Sequence reported in January. Macrogen calls its HiSeq X Ten-based service the X-genome (the Xpressway to Genome) service.

"Through this agreement, we can provide a variety of NGS … services to VHIR," Macrogen CEO Hyungtae Kim said in a statement, adding that its X-genome service "can help VHIR's efforts to translate genomics research into an improved life quality for patients."

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