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Genomic Biopharma Partners With Italian Patient Advocacy Group to Offer Whole-Genome Sequencing

NEW YORK — Genomic Biopharma said on Monday that it has partnered with Italian patient advocacy group Associazione POIC e Dintorni to provide whole-genome sequencing to individuals with a rare gut motility disorder in support of its drug development efforts.

Genomic Biopharma was spun off of Dante Genomics, which is based in L'Aquila, Italy, and New York City, earlier this year as a standalone RNA drug discovery and development company.

Through the collaboration, patients with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIPO) who are represented by Associazione POIC e Dintorni and their parents will be offered whole-genome sequencing. The resulting genomic data will be used by Genomic Biopharma to discover and develop drug candidates.

The partners also aim to raise awareness of CIPO and the related condition ACTG2-mediated megacystis microcolon intestinal hypoperistalsis syndrome, for which Genomic Biopharma is developing an RNAi-based treatment.

Additional terms of the alliance were not disclosed.

"For those living with ultra-rare diseases in particular, the only approach is to take the broadest and most comprehensive look at the person's genomic profile through whole-genome sequencing," Genomic Biopharma Cofounder Mattia Capulli said in a statement. "It is our mission to push genomics to new frontiers in order to develop treatments for diseases for which there are no cure or resolutive pharmacological therapies."