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Epicentre Biotechnologies, SoftGenetics, Ensembl 43, PAMGO

Epicentre Biotechnologies has released BACMAX96, a DNA purification kit that can purify 384 fosmids or BACs in less than four hours in a 96-well-format. According to the company, the BACMAX96 kit consistently yields up to 900 nanograms of DNA from single-copy BAC and fosmid clones, and from 2.5 micrograms to 6 micrograms of DNA from the company’s CopyControl BAC and fosmid clones induced to high copy number. The company said it uses an autoinduction protocol specifically designed for high-throughput formats to improve yields from the CopyControl clones.

SoftGeneticsGeneMarker fragment analysis software now includes a new application for loss of heterozygosity analysis. GeneMarker directly processes electrophoretic separation data, performs sizing calculations, normalizes the data, detects areas of LOH, and provides researchers and clinicians with a patient report, the company said.

Ensembl 43 is available here. The release includes genome sequence data for four new species: cat, tree shrew, hedgehog, and guinea pig; a new cow assembly and genebuild; updates for the human and mouse databases; and new variation data for human, rat, and mouse.

The PAMGO consortium has released 472 new terms to describe gene products involved in microbial-host interactions. The new PAMGO terms are available under “multi-organism processes” in the AmiGO Gene Ontology browser. PAMGO was formed to develop new GO terms that describe processes, functions, and cellular components related to microbe-host interactions. Further information about the PAMGO effort is available here.

The Scan

UK Funds to Stay Ahead of Variants

The UK has announced a further £29.3 million to stay on top of SARS-CoV-2 variants, the Guardian reports.

Push for Access

In a letter, researchers in India seek easier access to COVID-19 data, Science reports.

Not as Cold

Late-stage trial results are expected soon for an RNA-based vaccine that could help meet global demand as it does not require very cold storage, the New York Times writes.

Genome Research Papers on Microbes' Effects on Host Transfer RNA, Honeybee Evolution, Single-Cell Histones

In Genome Research this week: influence of microbes on transfer RNA patterns, evolutionary relationships of honeybees, and more.